750 Crawler Brushed Motor Z-E0074


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750 Crawler Brushed Motor Z-E0074

Custom Made 750 Steel Case
Chrome Plated Case
Build in Capacitor for Minimizing Glitch
High Torque Magnet and Rotor
Tuned for Rock Climbing and Scale Driving
Body OD: 1.65in / 42mm
Length: 2.36in / 60mm
Output Shaft Length: 0.67in / 17mm
Output Shaft OD: 0.2in / 5mm
Min and Max Voltage Range: 2.4V-30V
Weight: 9.52oz / 270g

At No Load
RPM: 15050
Current: 1.88 AMPS

At Stall (Extrapolated)
Torque: 2100 mN-m
Current: 30.8 AMPS

At Maximum Efficiency
Efficiency: 56.41%
Torque: 416.0 mN-m
Speed: 12067 RPM
Current: 7.61 AMPS
Output: 51.5 Watts

At Maximum Power Output
Output: 81.8 Watts
Torque: 1049.5 mN-m
Speed: 7525 RPM
Current: 16.34 AMPS