Punisher Shaft II (150mm-192mm) 5mm Hole Z-S0537


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Punisher Shaft II (150mm-192mm / 5.90″ – 7.55″) 5mm Hole Z-S0537

Advanced internal spline
Industrial grade stainless Steel
Extremely durable huge 12.5mm mainshaft diameter
Shaft Travel: compact 150mm, fully extended 192mm (42mm total travel)
Made to fit 5mm output Shaft
Uni-Joint for super smooth operation
Engineered and manufactured by RC4WD USA
Direct fit, no modification needed
How to measure which shaft is for your project:

Measure the diameter of your output shafts on the tranny and input shafts on the axles to see if they are 5 or 6mm
Measure from output shaft to input shaft to get the correct measurement of your total length needed