RGT EX86190 RESCUER Vehicles Off-Road Truck Rock (WHITE)


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Basic information Brand:RGT
Item No:EX86190
Color:Black,white and yellow
Power System ESC:Hobbywing 60A WP-1060 esc
Motor:RC550-8520 brushed motorServo:Digital metal gear 25KG servo
Transmitter Frequency: 2.4G
Remote Distance:>100m
Required Battery:4X 1.5V AA battery(not included)
Battery Recommended Battery:2-3S Lipo or 7.2V Nimh battery(not included)
Others Material:Plastic,hardware and electronic parts


Dimension Car Length:582mm,width:248mm


Ground Clearance:70mm(chassis),54mm(bridge axle gearbox)

Gear Ratio:26.6:1(high speed),50.4:1(low speed)


Box Size:630*285*325mm

RESCUER has a powerful chassis frame, 324mm wheelbase front-rear portal axle design, two-stage transmission with torque adjustment, mechanical positive and negative adjustable transmission combination, front and rear integrated gearbox, and front and rear lock differential. So, RESCUER shows strong adaptability in complex terrain. Equipped with powder metal gear in the whole vehicle, negative pressure shock absorber, high-quality bearing with sealing cover, CVD metal drive shaft, integrated metal chassis rail, etc. RESCUER could handle various emergencies, although the configuration is not the top.



EX86190 “RESCUER” chooses the LC76 appearance, 1.5-thickness PC softshell material with transparent windows, and independently hood in front. There have three original factory colors for option, white, black and desert yellow. Besides the independent integrated light control system, the bodyshell is also equipped with plastic decorative accessories, such as a luggage rack, spotlights, snorkel, rear-view mirror, wiper, door handles, pedals, ladders, and fuel tank, etc.



Package Included:
1X RC Car(do not include battery)


1X Transmitter


1X Manual